Double-sided mattresses with seasonal features. These are the models with “winter” and “summer” surfaces. Sometimes these are mattresses that come in covers with different sides. Their purpose is to provide maximum comfort depending on the time of year. What materials are used to make such mattresses? What do you need to know about care? How to choose?

Mattress options for different seasons

A winter-summer mattress, of course, can consist of different combinations of fillings and have covers of different fabrics, which you can choose, guided by your individual features and objectives.

On one side there will always be insulation: wool or felt. On the opposite side the “summer” layers of cotton, bamboo, coconut, latex and other foams:

STRONG SEASON MEDIUM TFK – model with independent spring block, bicoce, coconut and quilted cotton jacquard cover with antibacterial impregnation, ideal for cold weather

EVITA SPRINGS TENDER – model with 5-zone independent spring block, latex, artificial latex and all-season material with cotton, wool and bamboo fibers as cover, they are considered the best mattress for hot sleepers.

Materials of manufacture

For the summer side of the “winter-summer” cover, manufacturers use materials that allow free circulation of air and easily remove excess moisture, which is typical for hot pores. Most often the preference is given to cotton, knitwear, bamboo fiber.

And the winter side implies the presence of insulation, such as wool. It should be mentioned separately. Wool has many wonderful properties: it absorbs moisture up to 40%, while remaining dry to the touch, transmits air well, and thanks to the air layer can both give and take away heat. It may come as a surprise to some people, but wool is flexible and easily follows the contours of our body.

Lanolin (animal fat) in wool fibers prevents accumulation of dust and dirt on their surface, as well as absorption and storage of unpleasant odors. Hydrophobic protein in wool contains amino acids that neutralize repulsive “aromas”. Lanolin also has medicinal properties: a dream on the woolen side of the mattress is useful in case of joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout), for viral diseases and colds. Wool has an excellent effect on the muscles, blood circulation and respiratory system.

Orthopedic: one instead of two

Buying two orthopedic mattresses for the cold and warm seasons separately is not rational: firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, where will you store one while you use the other? A “winter-summer” model is a universal solution. Especially when it is ALTRENOTTI BIOREST POSTURE FISSO TRADIZIONALE MICROTENCEL with a block of 800 TFK springs. Here you can put an equal sign with orthopedic support. The model uses Blended, a unique membrane that consists of linen, cashmere and hollow FILL.I.T. fibers with silver ions. For the “winter-summer” look, the cover is made of microtencel, a natural fabric made of lyocell fibers obtained by nano-treatment of wood, with added threads of cotton, bamboo, wool, silk or viscose. Tencel has an excellent thermo-regulating function.

In our body there are constant changes, which are associated with the change of the seasons, among other things. Let’s say the cold came. Do you think nature is the only one that falls asleep? Our bodies also go into “hibernation mode”. The metabolic processes slow down, the energy-saving option is activated, and at this time comfort is especially important for us. It is fully satiated with the luxurious orthopedic mattress LORDFLEXS DORMIGLIONE, padded with pure WOOLMARK wool and the CLIMA CANAPA jacquard cover with the Fresh effect.

Spring is the time for everything to awaken and for growth to kick in. Plants get infused with their juices and gradually begin to exude scents. Our body also switches over and we feel it quite clearly: all systems become alert and ready to perform feats, the energy rises and starts to gush. During this period, extra air exchange is important for us, to reduce the increased sweating. Sleeping on the STRONG SEASON LATEX TFK mattress will seem delightful. Latex coconut fiber will give support to the spine. And the cotton jersey cover with antibacterial impregnation in embossed stitching will create the most suitable conditions for the body in a “summer context”.

How to take care of

Turn the mattress winter-summer twice a year, focusing on when the seasons change.

  • Change sides “head to feet”.
  • This product should be vacuumed dry.
  • If the cover is removable, you can wash it in the machine on a gentle cycle.
  • If the cover is not removable, you can eliminate stains from the mattress with a light soap solution.